SALSA Certificate

This certificate, renewed annually, is evidence of our compliance with the SALSA-SCA audit standard.

SALSA report

The more detailed report of our annual inspection by a SALSA-SCA auditor.


Our HACCP plan is the cornerstone of our food safety policies. Included in this plan are details of our Quality Aims, an analysis of Process Flow and our Critical Control Points, and details of our Pre-Requisite Programme.

Shelf Life Policy

Our policy regarding shelf life and Use By and Best Before dates.

Temperature Policy

Our policy explaining our approach to temperature control in the maturing and selling of our cheese.

Cheese Specification Documents

Summary specification sheets of our cheeses

Statement on Labeling (Wholesale)

Details of the labels we put on our wholesale products and which of these products contain allergens.

supplier information request form (wholesale)

A standard form used by many wholesale customers as part of their annual supplier approval process. We have filled in all sections relevant to us so you just need to print and sign.

Allergen Information

An allergen declaration for our non cheese products.

Nutritional Information (Cheese)

An overview of the nutritional values of our cheeses.

Nutritional Information (non cheese products)

An overview of the nutritional values of our non cheese products.

Insurance Certificate

Summary of our Insurance Cover