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Innes Brick

Flavours are delicate and milkily acidic when young, developing sweet notes of hazelnut with maturity. The Innes Brick is light and smooth textured with a silky breakdown and a delicate rind. 

Made with raw goat's milk and animal rennet.
Minimum: 150g.

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Close up of cross-section of Innes Brick, showing the light, white paste and the delicate pinky-coloured, wrinkly rind


Innes Brick is made by Joe Bennett in Staffordshire with the milk of his own mixed herd of Saanen, Toggenburg, British Alpine and Golden Guernsey goats.


Near Tamworth, Staffordshire

Our work with this cheese

The Innes Brick is exclusively matured at Neal’s Yard Dairy. Joe delivers the fresh young cheeses each Friday morning, at which point they have only the faintest hint of a rind and taste like smooth goat’s curd. As the cheeses mature in our climate-controlled maturation rooms, the rind becomes more established and stabilises, and the flavour of the cheeses intensifies.


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