Chedworth Double Gloucester

Chedworth Double Gloucester is rich, supple, and smooth, and its thin, even natural rind is dusted with a light coat of green.

Please note: this cheese is only available via wholesale or in our shops.

Made with pastuerised cow's milk and animal rennet.


It isn't orange! Purists by nature, the cheesemakers decided to showcase the deeply-yellow grazed milk produced by their colleague Rob Richmond, a Nuffield Scholar who pioneered the use of herbal leys for dairying in the UK. The herd is only milked from March to December, making this a seasonal cow's milk cheese.


Chedworth, Gloucestershire

Our work with this cheese

Neil and Dominique experimented for several years with making cheese at home before deciding to embark on a career in the industry. An introduction by Neal's Yard Dairy to Manor Farm in Gloucestershire set in motion their plans to make a Double Gloucester.




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