Celebration Cake Lacaune

This cake serves approximately 25 people as evening food or 35 people for after dinner, at £7.09/£5.14 per head. It is a beautiful centrepiece for a dinner party or wedding. It comprises blue, hard, soft, sheep and goat's cheeses from across England, matured by us.

Minimum weight: 3.8 kg

*Online only. Please note that some of the cheeses in this cake aren't typically available in our London shops. 

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Flavours are zesty, bright and fresh with a pleasant citrus sparkle. This turret-shaped goat’s cheese has a light and fluffy texture. Diameter: 7cm

Little Rollright

This small version of Rollright is perfect for baking. A washed rind soft and oozing cow's milk cheese, wrapped in a spruce band, the texture is soft and glossy, and the flavour milky, with substantial woody notes and a hint of peanut. Diameter: 12cm



The complex flavours of this cheese range from fresh and herbal to brothy and savoury, while the texture is pleasantly dry and often slightly grainy, not dissimilar to a Manchego. Diameter: 20cm


Spa Blue

The flavour of Spa Blue is rich and full with notes of caramel and mushroom. The texture is firm but bouncy. Diameter: 19cm




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