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Alternative Cheddar Selection

Ideal for a Cheddar-lover who wants to try something new. Hafod, an old-fashioned cheddar made by Welsh cheesemakers is alongside Lincolnshire Poacher, which falls somewhere between a cheddar and a mountain-style cheese. We complete the selection with spicy, full-flavoured Isle of Mull Cheddar.

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Isle of Mull

A hearty, full-flavoured Scottish Cheddar. Isle of Mull is a bit drier in texture than our other Cheddars with flavours that are upfront, richly savoury and boozy.

Made with raw cow's milk and animal rennet. 


A Cheddar cheese with a supple, golden paste and the occasional blue vein. The flavours are rich, layered, and generally less acidic than our other Cheddars.

Made with raw or pasteurised cow's milk and animal rennet. *Please note that we sell both a pasteurised and a raw milk version of this cheese. The cheese you receive will be labelled with the appropriate milk treatment. 

Lincolnshire Poacher

This cheese typically has long, sweet pineapple flavours, but it can also be rich and savoury. Generally the texture is smooth, close, and densely creamy, almost like a Comté.

Made with raw cow's milk and animal rennet.

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