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Each month we choose four of the cheeses which we think are tasting best. We particularly like to feature cheeses which are in season, as well as batches of cheese which are tasting especially delicious in a particular month. If you want to keep up to date with the latest developments in British cheese making, this is also a good choice. Frequently we have limited quantities of new or experimental cheeses which we introduce to our customers through this selection.

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Our October Cheese of the Month contains:



St Jude 

Made by Julie Cheyney at Fen Farm Dairy in Suffolk. Raw cow’s milk, animal rennet.

This little cheese has been so delicious recently. How can a cheese so dainty pack such a punch of buttery rich flavour whilst still being so light and fluffy? We asked Julie and she puts it down to two factors. Firstly, a change in the ripening culture which gives a nice breakdown underneath. Secondly Julie now has her own make-room (previously she had been sharing with Johnny Crickmore of Baron Bigod fame). Having her own space means that she can allow a longer production time. We find that a longer, gentler make process often contributes to a more scrumptious texture, certainly the case here!

St James

Made by Nicola Robinson and Martin Gott at Holker Farm Dairy in Cumbria. Raw sheep’s milk, animal rennet.

                In June we brought our subscribers “beginning of the season St James” and we can’t let the season slip by without you trying it closer to the end of the year’s production too. Unlike the softer, early summer cheeses, the cheese we have before us now has a crumblier centre, with a delicious breakdown under the rind. They have really upfront flavours, bright and fresh within, meaty and moreish without.





Appleby's Cheshire

Made by Garry Gray and the Appleby family in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Raw cow’s milk, animal rennet.

                Appleby’s Cheshire has been produced on Hawkstone Abbey Farm for three generations. Cheshire is such a core cheese to our business, that for the last few years we have had a Cheshire focus month each October in our shops. Whilst Cheshire has a special place in our hearts, it can get lost amongst the more upfront, loud or oozy cheeses on our counter. To enjoy it at its best, let it come up to room temperature and break off a chunk. You’ll find it juicy and savoury with fresh, mineral flavours. The texture is crumbly yet succulent.


 Colston Bassett Stilton

Made by Billy Kevan and team at Colston Bassett, Nottinghamshire. Pasteurised cow’s milk, animal rennet.

Stilton is one of Britain’s best-known cheeses. We were chatting about this recently, and our director Jason pointed out, “there’s Stilton, then there’s Colston Bassett Stilton, and at the pinnacle, there’s Neal’s Yard Dairy’s special recipe Colston Bassett Stilton”. With just the right balance of blue veining to buttery paste it is simply delicious at any time of year. Why wait until Christmas?


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