Brightwell Ash

The tangy flavour of this cheese is bright and juicy. It's ashed rind is wrinkly, and the texture of the paste is pleasantly light and silky.

Made with raw goat's milk and animal rennet.
Minimum: 120g.

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Brightwell Ash is made by Rachel Yarrow and Fraser Norton, at Earth Trust, a charity farm in South Oxfordshire which they moved to at the start of 2018.


Little Wittenham, Oxfordshire

Our work with this cheese

Brightwell Ash is one of our newer cheeses, and has only been made since 2018. As such we are still developing our understanding of how to best mature it. Brightwell Ash arrives with us when it is between 1-2 weeks old. Upon arrival, we dry the cheese for one day, and then mature it in one of our maturing rooms. Our maturation team are responsible for judging whether the cheese needs to go back into the drying room for any period of time. We mature the cheeses, assessing them constantly, for up to two weeks.


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