Inspired by Caerphilly, Highfields has a natural grey rind and a delicately crumbly interior. The cheese has a fresh and milky flavour, and becomes increasingly savoury and aromatic with age. 

Made with raw goat's milk and animal rennet.


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Lactic cheese makers by trade, Joe and Aimee had long planned to add a hard cheese to their range, a British style seemed appropriate to both their scale and climate. 


Near Tamworth, Staffordshire

Our work with this cheese

This is the first hard cheese we sell to be made exclusively without commercial cultures. Whey from the lactic cheeses is added to the evening milk, and Highfields is made directly the next morning with no additional cultures added. Tasting this cheese next to Innes Log and Brick is a testament to the power of cheesemaking to select different microbes from the same raw materials. Because there is no hard cheese maturing room at the farm, they are brought to Neal's Yard Dairy when they are a week old, and matured in our rooms. 



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