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Flavours range from mild and milky to meaty and nutty depending on age. The paste is creamy and soft beneath the rind; chalky and firm in the centre.

Made with thermised sheep's milk and vegetarian coagulant.


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Two cuts of Wigmore vegetarian sheep’s cheese, showing the creamy, soft paste beneath the natural, white rind, which is firm and chalky at the centre


Wigmore is a washed curd cheese made by Anne and Andy Wigmore.  It is made to a washed curd process in which some of the whey is replaced by water during the make, helping to give the cheese its characteristic texture.


Riseley, Berkshire

Our work with this cheese

The cheese arrives at our maturation rooms at about three weeks old and we mature it on for another three to five weeks. The rind changes significantly – starting out with an exclusively white rind, and then developing brownish-mauve, even yellow, patching as it ages.


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