Cheese of the Month Selection

Each month we choose four of the cheeses which we think are tasting best. We particularly like to feature cheeses which are in season, as well as batches of cheese which are tasting especially delicious in a particular month. If you want to keep up to date with the latest developments in British cheese making, this is also a good choice. Frequently we have limited quantities of new or experimental cheeses which we introduce to our customers through this selection.

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Our January Cheese of the Month contains:



Made in the style of a Vacherin Mont D’or, Winslade is the sister cheese to the more famous Tunworth, made by the same producer in Hampshire. This cheese is superbly rich and gentle on the palate. The spruce band brings a piney flavour note and the oozing texture makes it perfect for spreading on some baguette or a brown bread cracker, or baking in the oven and enjoying with potatoes, pickles and charcuterie.

Made by Stacey Hedges near Baskingstoke, Hampshire.

Pasteurised cow’s milk, animal rennet.



We visit Helene and Dick Willems twice a year on our cheese selection visits to Ireland. Since the 1980s we have been buying Coolea and exporting the cheese all over the world. It is made in the style of Gouda and as such it is rich, creamy and densely textured. We sell Coolea that has been aged for between 18 and 24 months. The flavours of current batches are sweet and rich with hints of butterscotch and honey. Try it in a fondue, or your teatime toasty.

Made by Dick and Helene Willems in Coolea, Cork.

Pasteurised cow’s milk, animal rennet.



Whin Yeats Wensleydale

Wensleydale is traditionally a Yorkshire cheese, but Tom and Clare Noblet’s farm in the Cumbrian hills shares many of the same characteristics as the hill-farms where the historical dales-styles cheeses were made. We visit the Noblets once a month to offer feedback and taste and select the batches of cheese we want to mature and sell. Current batches are creamy and bouncy in texture, with lactic flavours that are pleasantly vinegary and refreshing. Towards the rind, more delicate earthy, mushroomy notes are prominent.

Made Tom and Clare Noblet near Carnforth, Cumbria.

Raw cow’s milk, animal rennet.


Innes Brick

The Innes Brick is exclusively matured at Neal’s Yard Dairy. Fresh cheeses are delivered every Friday morning: when they have only a hint of a rind and taste like smooth yoghurty goat’s curd (an office favourite spread on breakfast toast!). Over the next few weeks the cheeses mature in our carefully controlled maturation rooms, where they stay at stable temperatures to develop their delicate rinds. Flavours are milky and acidic with sweet notes of hazelnut developing with age. The texture is smooth and creamy, and this cheese pairs perfectly well with a glass of sherry.

Made by Joe Bennett near Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Raw goat’s milk, animal rennet.


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