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New Mum Selection

Created with new mums in mind, this selection is made up of some of the most delicious cheeses they have been deprived of during pregnancy. Blue veined, washed rind, soft and oozy, mould ripened cheeses are just what you need to keep your energy up when looking after a new baby!

Please note, the photo is for illustration purposes only. The Rollright shown (on top right) is currently unavailable. We are sending a Winslade and a St Jude as replacement, details below.

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Baron Bigod

A Brie-style cheese with a crumbly texture at the core, and a silky breakdown at the rind. The flavour balances a clean lactic brightness with mushroomy, vegetal notes.

Made with raw cow's milk and animal rennet. 


A small, soft and oozing cheese with a quiet floral earthiness. It is superbly rich and gentle on the palate. Its spruce band imparts a distinctive piney note.

Made with pasteurised cow's milk and vegetarian coagulant.

St Jude

A small soft cheese with a rich buttery, savoury flavour. The texture is luxuriously light, fluffy and mousse-like.

**This cheese intentionally has a very thin mould rind. Because of this, wild moulds- spots of blue, green and grey moulds, often develop on the surface during maturation.These are especially noticeable at present. They are perfectly safe to eat and do not negatively affect the flavour of the cheese. **

Made with raw cow's milk and animal rennet.


Stichelton can exhibit a multitude of long lasting flavours ranging from green apples to beef stock. It has a juicy acidity and toasty, biscuity notes towards the rind. The texture tends to be soft and creamy.

Made with raw cow's milk and animal rennet.


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