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Montgomery's Cheddar

Montgomery's tends to be the driest and most friable of the Cheddars that we sell. We look for rich, brothy and savoury flavours and an almost-crystalline texture that melts in the mouth. 

Made with raw cow's milk and animal rennet. Clothbound with lard.


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Close up of a cut Montgomery’s Cheddar cheese showing the firm but friable paste


Montgomery's Cheddar has been made at Manor Farm since 1911. Their adaptive approach to modernisation - recognising and maintaining the integrity of the key aspects of their process - has set the stage for Montgomery's Cheddar to be considered by many as the benchmark Somerset Cheddar. 


North Cadbury, Somerset

Our work with this cheese

There have only been three head cheesemakers at Montgomery's in the last 50 years. Head cheesemaker Steve Bridges has been in the role since 1992. Two or three members of our team visit the farm every month in order to taste every batch and select the ones that we want to sell. 


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In this film, Jamie Montgomery discusses the history of his farm, and roles played by the many people involved in making this cheese. We touch on the evolution of his herd, the land on which his cows graze, and the challenges that surround the continuation of a cheese-making heritage as rich as this.

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