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Image: Portion: Appleby's Cheshire Smallest Piece
Appleby's Cheshire
FROM £7.05
Image: Portion: Baron Bigod Eighth
Baron Bigod
FROM £12.75
Image: Portion: Berkwells Eighth
FROM £12.80
Image: Blackmount
Regular price £12.00
Image: Brefu Bach
Brefu Bach
Regular price £8.15
Image: Brightwell Ash
Brightwell Ash
Regular price £10.05
Image: Portion: Corra Linn Sixteenth
Corra Linn
FROM £21.90
Image: Portion: Duckett's Sixteenth
Duckett's Caerphilly
FROM £6.95
Image: Elrick Log
Elrick Log
Regular price £10.80
Image: Portion: Gorwydd Caerphilly Sixteenth
Gorwydd Caerphilly
FROM £7.70
Image: Portion: Hafod Smallest
FROM £10.00
Image: Portion: Highfields Sixteenth
FROM £15.30
Image: Portion: Isle of Mull 250g
Isle of Mull Cheddar
FROM £6.40
Image: Portion: Keen's 250g
Keen's Cheddar
FROM £6.00
Image: Kirkham's Lancashire
Kirkham's Lancashire
FROM £8.40
Image: Portion: Linconshire Poacher 250g
Lincolnshire Poacher
FROM £6.80
Image: Portion: Kirkham's Smallest
Mature Kirkham's Lancashire
FROM £8.85
Image: Portion: Sparkenhoe Red Leicester Smallest
Mature Sparkenhoe Red Leicester
FROM £8.20
Image: Portion: Montgomery's 250g
Montgomery's Cheddar
FROM £7.20
Image: Parmigiano San Pietro 2659
Parmigiano San Pietro 2659
FROM £9.40
Image: Portion: Pitchfork 250g
Pitchfork Cheddar
FROM £8.20
Image: Tower of whole and cut pieces of Sinodun Hill goat’s cheese, with a golden-coloured, mould-flecked, wrinkly rind and light, white paste
Sinodun Hill
Regular price £12.00
Image: Portion: Sparkenhoe Blue Smallest
Sparkenhoe Blue
FROM £10.35
Image: Portion: Sparkenhoe Red Leicester Smallest
Sparkenhoe Red Leicester
FROM £8.55
Image: Portion: St James Eighth
St James
FROM £14.50
Image: Small towers of whole and cut St Jude cow’s milk cheeses with mould-spots on the creamy-coloured wrinkly rind and a light, fluffy, mousse-like paste
St Jude
Regular price £7.20
Image: Portion: St Tola Quarter
St Tola
FROM £11.75
Image: Portion: Stitchelton Smallest
FROM £10.50
Image: Portion: Westcombe Cheddar 250g
Westcombe Cheddar
FROM £6.15

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