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Neal’s Yard Dairy in Culture Magazine….

Culture magazine is an American magazine entirely dedicated to the love of cheese. The magazine’s founders Lassa and Stephanie Skinner as well Kate Arding (who used to work for Neal’s Yard Dairy) have been particularly supportive in their copy of farm made cheeses from all over the world. Since its launch in 2008, the magazine has featured many of the same UK and Irish farm cheeses championed by Neal’s Yard Dairy.


Last year, ‘Culture’ approached Neal’s Yard Dairy with the idea of doing a feature on our company. The idea was to capture a series of images that recorded the breadth of operations on December 21st 2015, the busiest day of the year. From cheese deliveries, cheese maturing work, mail order packing as well as the shops on their busiest day of the year.


Please scroll down to see the full content of the article;

‘Old Ford’ cheese maturing.

Early morning delivery of shop orders for collection from the Borough Market shop.

Viv from the cheese maturing team washing St Cera cheese.

Fiona in a sea of ‘Territorial’ cheeses in the Borough Market shop.

Marianna and Fiona working on the Borough Market shop counter

Michael putting away a delivery of Isle of Mull Cheddar at the Bermondsey maturing rooms.

Packing up shop and mail order boxes of cheese

Keen shoppers stocking up on Christmas Cheese.

Our busy packing team fulfilling all of our Online orders.

Front window and Christmas queue at the Covent Garden shop.

Scrubbing down after a long day in the Borough Market shop.

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