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Cheese at Neal’s Yard Dairy Shops


Neal’s Yard Dairy is committed to supporting and promoting the use of raw milk in cheese production in Britain. That is why have we decided to run a concurrent Cheese at our shops during the festival days. As we explain in our blog, Cheese is a biennial festival dedicated to developing the understanding of cheesemaking around the world. It takes place is Bra, Italy and is organised by the Slow Food movement. ¬†During the festival, we will only feature raw milk cheese on our counters. Sixty per cent of our suppliers produce raw milk cheese. Among cheeses on the retail counter, that percentage is even higher. In other words, we are in the business of selling raw milk cheese. We are committed to selling the best cheese available, and very often that correlates to selling raw milk cheese.

Cheese is all about community building and making connections with like-minded people. Doing a concurrent Cheese in the shops at home seems natural. We hope to play our part in informing the public about Cheese and the work Slow Food is doing for cheese internationally. Additionally, a joint celebration allows those mongers who are holding down the home front to participate in the festival. Like their counterparts in Italy, they will have discussions, share ideas and work toward improving cheese, while having a lot of fun doing it. In other words, broadening the Cheese community we value.