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A surprise monthly delivery of three of Britain's finest cheeses. Discover different cheeses in every selection, from cheddar to blue cheese to oozy Brie-style cheese, and with free delivery and tasting notes from Jamie Oliver. Every cheese is hand-made, individually selected and cut to order. Please note, your first delivery may come at any time within the first month - subsequent deliveries will arrive as close as possible to 30 days after your original delivery date. Please read our FAQs for further information.

  • One delivery every month
  • Three different cheeses in each delivery 
  • Subscription ends December 2020
  • Monthly payment of £27.98
  • Free delivery
  • Weight: 775g-1.16Kg
  • Support small-scale cheesemakers  

By purchasing this subscription you will play a vital role in supporting family cheesemaking businesses and preserving cheesemaking traditions. When your monthly payment is taken we will simultaneously pay the cheesemakers. Enjoy your cheese in the knowledge that your support has already made a difference.

As recommended by Good Housekeeping.

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The October Selection


“Three amazing cheeses, from three amazing cheesemakers, very diverse in flavour and culinary use, brilliant, absolutely brillant” Jamie Oliver



This goat's cheese with a bloomy, natural rind has a white, chalky paste with fresh lemony flavours; more mature cheeses will have some delicate breakdown bringing a vegetal earthiness. 

Made with pasteurised goat's milk and vegetarian coagulant.

Appleby's Cheshire

Appleby's Cheshire is a cheese with a balance of rich, mineral flavours, juicy acidity, and a sumptuous yet crumbly texture.

Made with raw cow's milk and animal rennet.

Baron Bigod

A Brie-style cheese with a crumbly texture at the core, and a silky breakdown at the rind. The flavour balances a clean lactic brightness with mushroomy, vegetal notes.

Made with raw cow's milk and animal rennet.

Sheridan's Crackers

Sheridan’s crackers are produced in Dumanway, a small town in West Cork. The production process is very simple, the dough is mixed, then rolled, then cut by hand. It is then baked in an oven, then packed ready to be eaten with some delicious cheese!

The minimum weight of the October selection of cheeses and crackers is 805g. 

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