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Each month we choose four of the cheeses which we think are tasting best. We particularly like to feature cheeses which are in season, as well as batches of cheese which are tasting especially delicious in a particular month. If you want to keep up to date with the latest developments in British cheese making, this is also a good choice. Frequently we have limited quantities of new or experimental cheeses which we introduce to our customers through this selection.

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Our February Cheese of the Month contains:


Innes Log

 Joe Bennett is currently experimenting with transitioning from commercial starter to whey-based starters derived from his own milk that will allow this cheese to be made using microbes solely from his dairy. The logs arrive with us at just a few days old and are matured on for two to three weeks. The cheese has smoothly dense, fudgy textures which coat the mouth deliciously.  Flavours include sweet hazelnuts, and a pleasantly bright sharpness.  

Made by Joe Bennett near Tamworth, Staffordshire.
Raw goat’s milk, animal rennet.



Gubbeen is delivered to us from Ireland every two weeks. When it gets to us the cheeses are unwrapped and put on racks and matured in a relatively warm environment. The batches you have in this selection are curdy and yoghurty at the core, with mushroomy, grassy flavours towards the rind. The cheesemakers at Gubbeen were pioneers in building the community of food producers now found in West Cork, helping to put it on the map as a place that celebrates local produce, and a special destination for those interested in food.

Made by Giana Ferguson in Cork, Ireland.
Pasteurised cow’s milk, animal rennet.



Sparkenhoe Red Leicester

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester is the last farmhouse Red Leicester made in England. David and Jo Clarke resurrected production of a farmhouse version of the cheese after a 50-year absence. We visit the farm once a month to select cheeses which we then mature on until they are about four to six months old. The cheeses we are sending out with this selection are a perfect illustration of what it has to offer: they are plump and moist in texture and savoury and juicy in flavour. Try it on a cheeseboard first at room temperature and then try it melted – you’ll be amazed at the flavours cooking can bring out.

Made by David and Will Clarke near Nuneaton, Warwickshire.
Raw cow’s milk, animal rennet.


The raw milk Stilton-style cheese we have all come to know and love! Joe Schneider uses a milk-expressive make, which is to say he uses methods and techniques to bring out flavours naturally occurring in the milk: very little starter culture is used, and a 24 hour make gives plenty of time for complexity and layers of flavour to develop. Curds are hand ladled, giving a soft and creamy texture that is quite remarkable. Bright green apple acidity is balanced by a marmitey savouriness that makes this cheese difficult to stop nibbling at!

Made by Joe Schneider near Welbeck, Nottinghamshire.
Raw cow’s milk, animal rennet.

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