Cheesemaking Fundamentals

9:00 am -2:00 pm.

With the growth in public interest for all things fermentation, demand has grown from our customers for cheesemaking classes. Rather than establish classes specifically for the public, we have decided to offer the public a few spaces in the cheesemaking classes we already use to train our staff. 


These classes are focused on learning about the fundamentals of cheesemaking and are therefore heavy on learning, light on frills. We teach the theory & practice of both enzymatic (rennet) and acid (starter) coagulation and consider different methods of draining curds (cutting, ladling and scalding). Our aim is to ensure that our staff can see a cheese and have a good idea of the basic method employed to produce it. Attendees should also leave the class knowing how to make both basic rennet and lactic set cheeses.

Please note: Classes are always on a Sunday, and run from 9am - 2pm. As you will be handling milk and curds it is essential that no jewellery is worn. (rings, ear rings, chains and watches must be removed.) Please ensure you remove any nail varnish and avoid wearing perfume and aftershave in case of it tainting the flavours of the finished cheese. If you have long hair, please bring a hair tie. Please wear waterproof and slip-proof footwear, and sensible clothing. We will move from one pretty warm room to a much cooler room (13-16oC) so please bring an extra non-fluffy layer to ensure your comfort.

Jennifer has been affiliated with Neal's Yard Dairy since 1992. She made cheese for Kappacasein Dairy for 5 years and is co-founder of the MilkJam Cheesemaking Educational Group. She is driven by a desire to preserve in the simplest forms that which nature provides. Jennifer earned highest honors in German Literature from the University of Michigan and has a Master's degree in European Politics from Georgetown University.

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