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The flavours of this cheese range from fresh and yeasty to fruity and peppery. The texture is almost Parmesan like. 

Made with pasteurised goat's milk and vegetarian rennet.



Having supplied neighbouring cheesemakers with goat's milk for years, Tom jumped at the chance to buy a local Dutch cheesemakers equipment in the late 1990s and soon after, Clonmore was born. 


County Cork, Ireland


Our work with this cheese


Tom and Lena Biggane sent us a sample of Clonmore late last year. We enjoyed it, and felt there could be a place for a goat's milk, gouda style cheese within our range. We visited them in March this year as part of our Irish selection trip, and had a look around the farm and production area.

Whilst their nearest town Charleville is known for its block cheddar factories, the Bigganes are truly working at farmhouse scale. They have around 70 goats and 20 acres of land. Their herd is mostly made up of Saanens and Toggenburgs. They only make cheese when the goats are out on grass - usually from early April to mid November. Tom especially enjoys the cheeses made from May milk, when he believes you can taste the effect of the Spring grass growth. 



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