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Pleasant Ridge Reserve

An aged, alpine-style cheese.  Like the coveted, alpage versions of Beaufort and Gruyere, Pleasant Ridge is made only in the summer months, while the cows are grazing fresh pasture.

Made with raw cow's milk and animal rennet.


Cheesemaker Andy Hatch worked with us at Neal's Yard Dairy for a couple of seasons over a decade ago. He's our friend, he makes great cheese and has a passion that we share. Sometimes we buy some of his cheese to share with our customers here in the UK. 



Dodgeville, Wisconsin, USA

Our work with this cheese

Southern Wisconsin has a wealth of cheese making knowledge, dating back to the alpine cheese makers who have emigrated to the area over the past two hundred years. The sweetness born from the seasonal grass-fed milk combines with the savory flavours developed by the cheese’s natural, washed rind. The style of cheese is really an extension of the style of milk they produce on their farm. This sounds logical but it's actually pretty rare in cheesemaking. More often new cheeses are invented with marketing as the primary driver, not the character of the raw material. The resulting complexity – rich and salty, with a long, fruity finish – has made Pleasant Ridge one of the most distinctive and celebrated cheeses in American history. 



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