Woodcock Smokery Salmon Piece

We discovered an exceptionally delicious smoked salmon when we were on cheese selection visits to Ireland. It is made by Sally Barnes at the Woodcock Smokery near Castletownshend in West Cork. It has been a part of our festive celebrations ever since.

Sally is one of the few people who still smoke fish in the traditional way. Once all salmon was wild and smoking was used to preserve it. Wild salmon is remarkably different in flavour from the farmed fish that is widely available nowadays. The smoking process then would have been much more thorough than it typically is today. Sally's fish have a drier, firmer texture and are less oily than farmed industrially smoked salmon.



To reduce any errors or issues with the small stock we have available, we will be shipping the salmon ahead of the Christmas rush on 2nd December. If you are ordering Christmas cheese and salmon, we will send the salmon on 2nd December, and the cheese closer to Christmas on your preferred delivery date. As this is such a special limited availability item, no discounts can be applied. 

Minimum weights for the pieces are 290g. 

Earliest best before date is 7.1.21

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Castletownshend, West Cork


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