Sheep and Goat's Selection

Our sheep and goat’s selection includes four of our current favourite sheep and goat’s milk cheeses. As many of these cheeses are seasonal, we frequently change the contents of this selection. At the moment, we are focusing on contrasting floral, bright cheeses with more warm, savoury flavours.

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St Tola

Flavours are delicate with a citric tang and textures are pleasantly dense yet creamy.

Made with raw goat's milk and animal rennet.

Beenleigh Blue

Flavours expressed can range seasonally from lightly floral and yoghurty to robust and sweet. It has a delicate amount of blueing throughout. The texture of Beenleigh Blue is moist but crumbly. 

Made with pasteurised sheep's milk and vegetarian coagulant.


This mature little cheese has an upfront, spicy, savoury flavour with notes of toasted hazelnut. The texture is firm and dense. 

Made with raw goat's milk and animal rennet.

Corra Linn

Flavours are lightly floral and brothy, with savoury notes of roast lamb. Corra Linn has feathery, slightly grainy textured paste. When chewed the texture is creamy and succulent.

Made with raw sheep's milk and vegetarian coagulant.



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