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Taste School - Spotlight on Blue Cheese


This is the third in a range of classes, this time with a spotlight on blue cheese, focused on the techniques we use to taste and assess cheese, along with an insight into some of the vocabulary we use to describe different cheeses. Guests can choose to attend all, a few or just one of the sessions. 


This class, based on the training we deliver to our own cheesemongers and our wholesale customers, is designed to be a bite-sized session for cheese lovers and enthusiasts. Estelle, our speaker, will introduce you the structured approach required when tasting and assessing cheese, then will guide you through the vocabulary used to discuss the rind, paste, flavours and aromas.

You will be presented with a selection of 6 blue cheeses. The purpose will be to dive deeper into this style of cheese to get a broader understanding of the diversity of the flavours and aromas and what influences this in the make and maturation. Using flavour wheels to guide vocabulary and inspire discussion, you will start to build your own assessment of each cheese. You will learn about the differences in each individual's perception of taste - for example, sensitivity to bitterness that others cannot taste - and will draw on your own references and experiences to describe what you taste and smell. 

The aim of the class is to give you confidence in the assessments you make when tasting cheese, whether for your work or for pleasure. As each cheese is tasted you will also explore why cheese tastes a certain way and whether decisions in the milk, make and maturation have influenced this.

This class will be hosted in the Tasting Room above our Borough Market shop. Although no alcohol will be served, we would still advise that all attendees are over 16 years of age. Attendees will be offered a 10% discount code valid for one month on cheese purchases made in our shops or online.

Estelle joined Neal's Yard Dairy in 2010 as a cheesemonger. She has spent these years working in our retail team and with the wholesale and export teams, and now co-manages our Borough Market shop. She has completed her WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines and Spirits and has a passion for pairing food and drink, especially cheese and wine. Estelle has a broad knowledge of the cheeses we sell. She is particularly interested in exploring the fascinating batch and seasonal differences found in farmhouse cheese.


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