1.When cheeses are approximately 8kg or less in size but still quite tall (e.g. Colston Bassett Stilton or Appleby’s Cheshire) we advise that you cut first in half horizontally and then into quarters. We advise against cutting middle rings from cheeses of this size. to do so leads to the creation of an uneven distribution of rind in some pieces, and the middle piece tends to crumble and/or dry out.

2. For cheeses that are larger and taller (8-30kg, e.g. Montgomery’s Cheddar, Isle of Mull Cheddar, etc.) we suggest cutting a middle section. This allows for cutting more squat, wider slices, which will last better than a very thin slice from a tall wedge. Making the middle section in a quarter of one of these large cheese slightly thinner allows to distribute the rind fairly between slices.

3. Cheeses which come in a disk shape (like Gubbeen or Wigmore) should but cut with a knife, first in halves, quarters and then into smaller pieces if required. If there is a risk that the cheese may dry out before being sold, slices can be cut from the halves as shown.

4. For particularly slowly moving cheeses it may be best to cut wedges as shown above, taking care to cut evenly so as not to leave misshapen slices at the end.

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