Cheeses wrapped in paper or plastic for more than a few days will perspire and become ammoniated. In order to avoid this we have decided to start packaging our soft cheeses in wooden boxes. The boxes are heat-treated and food safe and are suitable for storage in your restaurant fridges with other ready-to-eat-food.

In order to get the best out of this new packaging we advise the following:


The boxes should be kept in the fridge with the wax paper covering the cheese. Where possible keep the boxes away from the units’ fans as the cheeses will dry out. After use, cut cheeses should be returned to the box and a layer of wax paper placed over to keep them from drying out. Small pieces of cheese should not be wrapped in cling film at any point.


Keep cheeses in their box until they are sold. If they are on display then take the top slats off and remove the top layer of wax paper. Keep the clear cellophane sheet on top of the cheeses to protect them and retain humidity.

Wrap the cheeses individually only once they have been sold, ideally in waxed paper. When the shop is closed, keep the box wrapped in paper or a damp cloth so that the cheeses do not dry out.

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