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Kirkham's Lancashire Film

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Graham Kirkham makes Lancashire the traditional way, following his mother's recipe. He uses raw milk from his own herd of cows, traditional animal rennet and very little starter culture. His recipe is both slow and labour intensive, with the curd not ready until 24 hours after the rennet was added. He'll then mix 24 and 48 hour old curd when filling his cheese moulds. As Graham's cheeses are wrapped in cloth they can breathe, releasing gas and moisture, as they mature in traditional conditions. This all results in a Lancashire that is rich and savoury, with a texture that is known locally as a "buttery crumble".

The Kirkham farm was once surrounded by others making Lancashire cheese this way, but now Kirkham's Lancashire is the only cheese to still be produced like this.

Application to amend the Stilton PDO
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