Illustration of Neal's Yard Dairy Covent Garden shop.

Our shop on Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden, London

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve British cheese. It's what we are here for.

Improving British Cheese

Woman in the 1980's stood in front of car boot, filled with cheese.

Randolph on an early 'Northern Run', a practice we still do today where we visit our suppliers in the north of England to taste and select cheeses we will then sell.

Supporting A Community

We support our cheesemaking community providing feedback and advice on what we have learned through selecting, maturing and selling their cheeses, as well as providing our customers with accurate information about them. We seek out talent, encouraging young cheesemakers to see a viable future as craftspeople in our industry. We provide training and opportunities to people who want to better understand the way we select, mature and sell cheese, many of whom will go on to use those skills elsewhere.

In our shops, cheesemongers share their enthusiasm and knowledge with customers while listening closely to what they say; they are part of the conversation. Every person who enjoys our cheese and understands what makes it different is another person who will demand more than the bland uniformity of the supermarket chiller cabinet.

Highfields cheese stacked.
Neal's Yard Dairy staff holding cheese

Continuous Learning

 Cheese maturing on shelves.

Cheese maturing on the shelves at our site in Bermondsey, London.