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February is here, and though the air is still cool, there is a sweetness from the
early blooms, as the deep greens of winter are slowly replaced with the gentle
pastels of spring. The in-between nature of the month can make it seem like
a passing point between the seasons, but it was once considered the beginning
of the year, as the light returned and outdoor life began again. As the austerity
of January finishes, we think it’s the perfect month for gathering good
company and looking forward to the incoming season. With Valentine’s Day
and Shrove Tuesday among its notable days, there are plenty of excuses to
gather and enjoy this month’s selection, which includes a cheese exclusively
for our subscription.

Mature Sparkenhoe Red Leicester
Made by the Clarke Family in Warwickshire. Raw cow's milk, animal rennet, clothbound with lard.
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Edmund Tew
Made by Dave Holton in Kent. Pasteurised cow's milk, animal rennet.
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Stonebeck Wensleydale
Made by Andrew & Sally Hattan in Yorkshire. Raw cow's milk, animal rennet.
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Close up of a cut piece of Devon Blue vegetarian cow’s milk cheese, showing the delicate blue veining and crumbly, buttery texture
Devon Blue
Made by Ben Harris in Devon. Pasteurised cow's milk, vegetarian coagulant
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Recipe of the month

Sparkenhoe Mature Red Leicester has a rich and nutty flavour, and works wonderfully in cheese dishes, bringing a depth of flavour and adding a bit of colour. This is a take on take on traditional potatoes au gratin, using Sparkenhoe Mature Red Leicester and Centosettanta.
A Short History of Red Leicester
Biodiversity with Andrew Hattan of Stonebeck Wensleydale