Quality System

We aim to select the best farm cheese in Britain, those that have the finest flavours achievable, highest level of safety that can be attained, and that conform to legal requirements. We look to mature cheese when we think the flavour will improve, recognise when cheese tastes as good as it can, and sell cheese when it is at its best.

We aim to sell cheese that has been hygienically produced, has as small a food safety risk to our customers as possible, in accordance with current industry codes of best practice. We recognise, however, that absolute safety is unachievable and feel that a pursuit of absolute safety at the expense of eating quality is undesirable. Ultimately, we aim to find a balance between safety and flavour that constitutes an acceptable risk.

We have worked with cheese makers for over twenty-five years. During this time, our quality system has been based on direct contact with the cheese makers, farms, cheeses, and our customers.

We have built up an understanding of the cheeses we handle over this period. Our current quality system has been developed and formalised in response to the company’s growth. It is continually assessed and improved in accordance with our quality aims in order to provide compliance with the current food safety legislation.

In an effort to be transparent and provide as much information on our quality system as possible to our customers, a number of relevant documents are available below. We would like to draw particular attention to our SALSA-SCA Audit Certificate and Report. This accreditation is the most relevant and rigorous that we could possibly subject ourselves to. The evidence that our policies and procedures are robust and appropriate for what we do is provided by our compliance with this standard.If you would like to speak with our team about any of these issues, please contact us.