Spring Selection

Our Spring Selection includes four light and refreshing cheeses that are reminiscent of spring time. It comprises of chocolatey Durrus (fitting for Easter), fruity Beenleigh Blue, lemony Cotherstone, and zesty Sleightlett (exclusive to this selection online). This is a seasonal selection, so get it while you can.

Minimum weight: 1.2 kg



A smooth, soft washed-rind cheese; flavours range from milky and buttery at the paste, to vegetal with a cocoa-like bitterness at the rind. The aftertaste is sweet and reminiscent of caramel, even chocolate.

Made with pasteurised cow's milk and animal rennet.

Beenleigh Blue

Flavours expressed can range seasonally from lightly floral and yoghurty to robust and sweet. It has a delicate amount of blueing throughout. The texture of Beenleigh Blue is moist but crumbly. 

Made with pasteurised sheep's milk and vegetarian coagulant.


Cotherstone has a texture that is at once flaky, moist and bouncy. It has a fresh milky taste with pleasantly sour and citric notes. 

Made with pasteurised cow's milk and vegetarian coagulant.


A fresh curd cheese with bright acidity. It has delicately herbal flavours. The paste is very wet when young, becoming progressively more friable with age. Sleightlett is intended to be eaten young, the age profile ought not to exceed one to two weeks.

Made with raw goat's milk and animal rennet.



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