Cheese and Accompaniments

These British and Irish farmhouse cheeses have been selected by our buyers as the most flavoursome and highest-quality cheeses available. We visit the cheesemakers to select the best batches which we then mature at our site in Bermondsey until the cheese tastes its absolute best. Every cheese in your order will be hand-cut and wrapped by our team of expert cheesemongers.
Image: Spenwood
FROM £22.35
Image: Burr
Regular price £5.90
Image: Ticklemore
FROM £18.75
Image: Graceburn
Regular price £5.70
Image: Rosebud Red Onion Port Marmalade
Rosebud Red Onion Port Marmalade
Regular price £4.10
Image: Rosebud Old Yorkshire Chutney
Rosebud Old Yorkshire Chutney
Regular price £4.95
Image: Whin Yeats Wensleydale
Whin Yeats Wensleydale
FROM £13.75
Image: Cotherstone
FROM £10.20
Image: Little Rollright
Little Rollright
Regular price £21.00
Image: Brunswick Blue
Brunswick Blue
FROM £17.75
Image: Pitchfork Cheddar
Pitchfork Cheddar
FROM £7.95
Image: St Tola
St Tola
FROM £11.85
Image: Devon Blue
Devon Blue
FROM £13.20
Image: Great British Territorials Selection
Great British Territorials Selection
FROM £24.00
Image: Brefu Bach
Brefu Bach
Regular price £7.70
Image: Biscuit Selection
Biscuit Selection
Regular price £7.50
Image: Orkney Oatcakes, Thick
Orkney Oatcakes, Thick
Regular price £1.00
Image: Alternative Cheddar Selection
Alternative Cheddar Selection
FROM £23.00
Image: Rosebud Spiced Plum Chutney
Rosebud Spiced Plum Chutney
Regular price £4.85
Image: Rosebud Piccalilli Chutney
Rosebud Piccalilli Chutney
Regular price £5.15
Image: Riseley
FROM £18.35
Image: Spa Blue
Spa Blue
FROM £11.30
Image: Session Selection
Session Selection
FROM £38.00
Image: Harbourne Blue
Harbourne Blue
FROM £19.55
Image: Red White and Blue Selection
Red White and Blue Selection
FROM £30.00
Image: Old Ford
Old Ford
FROM £26.30
Image: Sparkenhoe Blue
Sparkenhoe Blue
FROM £14.65
Image: Cloth Bag
Cloth Bag
Regular price £8.00
Image: 40th Birthday Linocut Screenprint
40th Birthday Linocut Screenprint
Regular price £15.00
Image: 40th Birthday Cheeseboard
40th Birthday Cheeseboard
Regular price £40.00
Image: Highfields
FROM Regular price £14.90
Image: Westcombe Cheddar Curds (2kg)
Westcombe Cheddar Curds (2kg)
Regular price £37.35
Image: Dijon Mustard
Dijon Mustard
Regular price £2.75
Image: Scottish Honey
Scottish Honey
Regular price £7.30
Image: Accompaniments Selection (Large)
Accompaniments Selection (Large)
Regular price £76.60
Image: Cheese Cards
Cheese Cards
Regular price £1.00

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