Orders may arrive +/- 2 days of your preferred delivery date
Orders may arrive +/- 2 days of your preferred delivery date

Goat and Sheep Cheese

Browse our range of goat's and sheep's milk cheese.
Image: Portion: St Tola Quarter
St Tola
FROM £13.80
Image: Small tower of whole and cut turret-shaped Dorstone goat’s cheeses with a mould-covered grey wrinkly rind and light fluffy paste
Regular price £10.80
Image: Small tower of whole and cut log-shaped Ragstone goat’s milk cheeses with a white mould-covered, smooth rind and dense paste
Regular price £11.55
Image: Portion: Berkwells Quarter
FROM £15.90
Image: Portion: Wigmore Quarter
FROM £10.55
Image: Portion: Ticklemore Eighth
FROM £11.85
Image: Tower of whole and cut pieces of Sinodun Hill goat’s cheese, with a golden-coloured, mould-flecked, wrinkly rind and light, white paste
Sinodun Hill
Regular price £12.45
Image: Portion: Beenleigh Blue Sixteenth
Beenleigh Blue
FROM £9.90
Image: Portion: Riseley Half
FROM £18.65
Image: Portion: Spenwood Eighth
FROM £14.45
Image: Brightwell Ash
Brightwell Ash
Regular price £10.40
Image: Portion: Harbourne Blue Sixteenth
Harbourne Blue
FROM £11.15
Image: Portion: Corra Linn Sixteenth
Corra Linn
FROM £23.20
Image: Portion: Brunswick Sixteenth
Brunswick Blue
FROM £8.75
Image: Portion: St James Eighth
St James
FROM £13.30

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