Orders may arrive +/- 2 days of your preferred delivery date
Orders may arrive +/- 2 days of your preferred delivery date

Cheese and Accompaniments

These British and Irish farmhouse cheeses have been selected by our buyers as the most flavoursome and highest-quality cheeses available. We visit the cheesemakers to select the best batches which we then mature at our site in Bermondsey until the cheese tastes its absolute best. Every cheese in your order will be hand-cut and wrapped by our team of expert cheesemongers.
Image: Portion: Colston Bassett Smallest
Colston Bassett Stilton
FROM £9.45
Image: Portion: Stitchelton Smallest
FROM £11.40
Image: Portion: Montgomery's 250g
Montgomery's Cheddar
FROM £8.30
Image: Small stacks of whole and cut Camembert-style Tunworth cheeses with a soft rind, and creamy, oozing, unctuous paste
Regular price £11.00
Image: Portion: Baron Bigod Eighth
Baron Bigod
FROM £13.70
Image: Portion: Linconshire Poacher 250g
Lincolnshire Poacher
FROM £7.55
Image: Kirkham's Lancashire
Kirkham's Lancashire
FROM £9.50
Image: Lucky Dip Cheese
Lucky Dip Cheese
Regular price £3.00
Image: Small tower of whole and cut turret-shaped Dorstone goat’s cheeses with a mould-covered grey wrinkly rind and light fluffy paste
Regular price £10.80
Image: Portion: Appleby's Cheshire Smallest Piece
Appleby's Cheshire
FROM £7.90
Image: Cheese of the Month Selection
Cheese of the Month Selection
Regular price £45.50
Image: Portion: Gorwydd Caerphilly Sixteenth
Gorwydd Caerphilly
FROM £8.55
Image: Small tower of whole and cut log-shaped Ragstone goat’s milk cheeses with a white mould-covered, smooth rind and dense paste
Regular price £11.55
Image: Portion: Isle of Mull 250g
Isle of Mull Cheddar
FROM £7.20
Image: Accompaniments Selection (Small)
Accompaniments Selection (Small)
Regular price £8.05
Image: Extra Cheese Paper (2 sheets)
Extra Cheese Paper (2 sheets)
Regular price £0.00
Image: Portion: Cornish Yarg Sixteenth
Cornish Yarg
FROM £8.70
Image: Portion: Wigmore Quarter
FROM £10.55
Image: Portion: Pitchfork 250g
Pitchfork Cheddar
FROM £9.50
Image: Small towers of whole and cut St Jude cow’s milk cheeses with mould-spots on the creamy-coloured wrinkly rind and a light, fluffy, mousse-like paste
St Jude
Regular price £7.30
Image: Orkney Oatcakes, Thin
Orkney Oatcakes, Thin
Regular price £0.60
Image: Portion: Berkwells Quarter
FROM £15.90
Image: Portion: Ogleshield Sixteenth
FROM £9.05
Image: Parmigiano San Pietro 2659
Parmigiano San Pietro 2659
FROM £11.20
Image: Portion: Sparkenhoe Red Leicester Smallest
Mature Sparkenhoe Red Leicester
FROM £9.80
Image: Mixed Seed Crackers
Mixed Seed Crackers
Regular price £3.15
Image: Portion: Hawes Wensleydale Sixteenth
Hawes Wensleydale
FROM £6.20
Image: Portion: Cashel Blue Quarter
Cashel Blue
FROM £11.20
Image: A box of Sheridans Irish brown-bread crackers.
Brown Bread Crackers
Regular price £3.15
Image: Portion: Sparkenhoe Red Leicester Smallest
Sparkenhoe Red Leicester
FROM £9.55
Image: Portion: Ticklemore Eighth
FROM £11.85
Image: Portion: Westcombe Cheddar 250g
Westcombe Cheddar
FROM £6.05
Image: Portion: Coolea Sixteenth
FROM £16.90
Image: Tower of whole and cut pieces of Sinodun Hill goat’s cheese, with a golden-coloured, mould-flecked, wrinkly rind and light, white paste
Sinodun Hill
Regular price £12.45
Image: Portion: Gubbeen Quarter
FROM £10.40
Image: Strictly traditional selection
Strictly Traditional Selection
FROM £39.00
Image: A slice of quince paste showing it's sticky texture and burgundy colouring.
Quince Paste - 200g Slice
Regular price £7.40
Image: Portion: Devon Blue Sixteenth
Devon Blue
FROM £7.15
Image: A stack of whole and cut Winslade cheeses, showing the oozing, soft paste and spruce band
Regular price £10.60
Image: Portion: Beenleigh Blue Sixteenth
Beenleigh Blue
FROM £9.90
Image: Portion: Hafod Smallest
FROM £12.30
Image: Pile of whole and cut washed rind Little Rollright cow’s milk cheeses, with a soft paste and wrapped in a band of spruce bark
Little Rollright
Regular price £12.25
Image: Portion: Duckett's Sixteenth
Duckett's Caerphilly
FROM £7.95
Image: A box of Sheridans brown-bread crackers and a box of mixed-seed crackers with thick and thin oatcakes sitting on top of each box.
Biscuit Selection
Regular price £7.95
Image: Portion: Durrus Quarter
FROM £10.95
Image: Portion: Spenwood Eighth
FROM £14.45
Image: Portion: Kirkham's Smallest
Mature Kirkham's Lancashire
FROM £9.80

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