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St Tola

Flavours are delicate with a citric tang and textures are pleasantly dense yet creamy.

Made with raw goat's milk and animal rennet.


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Close up of a cross-section of St Tola goat’s cheese, showing the delicate, mould-flecked, pinky-coloured, wrinkly rind and dense, creamy paste


St Tola is made by Siobhán Ni Ghairbhith and her team in the town of Inagh just south of the Burren in County Clare.


Inagh, Co Clare, Ireland.

Our work with this cheese

The St Tola we sell is made to a special recipe for us. They use uncooled, morning milk, and a little extra salt. As ours is made in a smaller batch than usual, they can gently mix the curds and salt by hand. We think this helps with the texture of the finished cheese. St Tola arrives at our maturation arches quite young. On arrival, it is dried in our drying room to stabilise the rind, which otherwise can become slippy. It is then turned every day for the first week it is with us, and every few days thereafter until it is ready to sell.


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