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Cheese of the Month Subscription

Our Cheese Subscription is a great way to explore the world of British farmhouse cheese, and a perfect gift for adventurous cheese lovers. It is ideal for people who enjoy entertaining or those who like having a few hearty pieces of cheese to hand for both cheeseboards and cooking. Each delivery will include four different cheeses weighing at least 1.1kg in total. 

If it's a gift we'll be in touch to confirm the recipient's contact details for delivery notifications and we’ll email you a gift certificate to forward to them.

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"I think cheese is the perfect present.  There are few people who don’t love it, it lasts well and good cheese is a real treat.  It is the ultimate spoiling."

Thomasina Miers


This month's selection includes a Lucky Dip cheese. As we work with a handmade, highly variable product, often we are left with slightly underweight pieces of cheese when cutting to order for our online and wholesale customers. Typically these little pieces are diverted to our shops to be sold there, as they are perfectly delicious! At the moment with limited footfall to our shops, we have more undercut cheese than we can sell, so we have popped one into our Cheese of the Month selection this month.

Minimum weight: 1.135 kg


The Cheeses included in the selection for July delivery are:



Dick and Helene moved to Ireland from Holland in the late 1970s, and the inspiration from their Dutch roots is clear to see in this gouda-style cheese. Sweet, smooth and caramelly, this is a cheese that’s hard to stop picking away at. We select only batches made during the summer months, when we believe the milk makes a more delicious cheese. 

Coolea is made with pasteurised cow's milk and animal rennet.


Innes Log

Innes Log is a favourite among many of our cheesemongers. Its fudgy texture and bright, hazelnut flavours make it a consistently delicious cheese. The heartbreaking news in June that Joe and Amiee would no longer be making cheese means we have had our final delivery from them – they would come every Friday morning to taste through their youngest cheeses (and have breakfast!) whilst delivering the batches we would then mature to become Innes Log. We will miss them incredibly.  

Innes Log is made with raw goat's milk and animal rennet.




St Jude

St Jude is a fluffy, mousse-like cheese with a wonderful buttery flavour. Julie collects the milk early each morning at Fen Farm Dairy, shared with the makers of Baron Bigod, and starts the cheese make while the milk is still warm. We receive the cheese at a very young age and mature it in our arches, where half are also washed with a salt solution to create St Jude’s stronger sister, St Cera. 

St Jude is made with raw cow's milk and animal rennet.


Sparkenhoe Blue

Sparkenhoe Blue is one of our newest cheeses, made by the son of the Sparkenhoe Red Leicester cheesemakers. Will began to develop this cheese in late 2017 and, since then, it has gone from strength to strength. Deeply savoury flavours combined with a dense, chewy texture makes this Stilton-style cheese one to watch. 

Sparkenhoe Blue is made with raw cow's milk and animal rennet.


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