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Cheese Of The Month Subscription

Our Cheese Subscription is a great way to explore the world of British farmhouse cheese, and a perfect gift for adventurous cheese lovers. It is ideal for people who enjoy entertaining or those who like having a few hearty pieces of cheese to hand for both cheeseboards and cooking.

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Each month we create a selection just a few days before we ship the cheese. Our intention is to use the subscription to guide you through what is tasting exceptionally delicious seasonally. We also introduce you to new cheeses or cheese which are the result of our experiments in maturation techniques.

Each selection forms a balanced cheeseboard and contains approximately 1.2kg of cheese. The selection comes with an information note that explains why we have chosen each cheese as well as giving a little of its background. Prices start from £149.

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"I think cheese is the perfect present.  There are few people who don’t love it, it lasts well and good cheese is a real treat.  It is the ultimate spoiling."

Thomasina Miers



Last month, Joe Schneider of Stichelton joined us for a Blue Cheesemaking Workshop at our maturation arches in Bermondsey, where he taught our staff and members of the public about the art of making Stilton recipe cheese. One element we learned about was flocculation - the process that happens after the renneting of milk, when the curds begin to form. One of the cheesemaker’s jobs is to judge the progress and determine how long the curds will need to set. It was fascinating stuff and inspired us to include Joe’s cheese this month. Flavours are bright and juicy, reminiscent of green apple, with biscuity notes towards the rind. The texture is soft and unimaginably creamy.

Made by Joe Schneider in Welbeck Estate, Nottinghamshire.
Raw cow’s milk, animal rennet.




Durrus arrives with us from West Cork every fortnight, we then unwrap the cheese and it is matured in our warmest room for about two weeks. The flavour is milky and malty, with a sweetness that is almost reminiscent of chocolate. Think of it as the cup of cocoa by your side as the nights draw in. The rind brings with it a grassy bitterness that complements the sweet centre beautifully. Current batches have a creamy texture and demonstrate the cheese at its bounciest best.

Made by Jeffa Gill in Coomkeen, West Cork.

Pasteurised cow’s milk, animal rennet.



Isle of Mull Cheddar

The Reade family produce all their own sustainable energy from wind, wood and hydroelectric sources. A heat exchange system uses the heat removed from the milk in the evening to warm it back up for the morning’s cheesemaking. If you are interested in learning more about The Reade’s commitment to sustainable farming, they have holiday cottages available for rent, bookable via their website. The flavour profile of current batches is bold, boozy and rich, with a smooth texture. We think it is a wonderful cheese to sit with and eat, but its sharpness also lends itself to cooking: try it in a cheese and onion pasty, or in your cauliflower cheese…

Made by The Reade Family near Tobermory on the Isle of Mull.
Raw cow’s milk, animal rennet.



St Jude

St Jude arrives at our maturation rooms at less than a week old. It will start to break down when it reaches ripeness at between 2 to 4 weeks of age. It is made with the milk from the herd of Montbéliard cows at Fen Farm Dairy (home of Baron Bigod) – Archers fans will know all about Montbéliards from their current cheesemaking story. Their rich milk imparts a buttery flavour with a honeyed aftertaste. Julie Cheyney hand pours, ladles, and turns her cheese; creating a texture that is light, fluffy and mousselike. As it matures, she tries to intervene as little as possible in the process.

Made by Julie Cheyney in Bungay, Suffolk.
Raw cow’s milk, animal rennet.




How often is the delivery?
We do one selection a month, however, you can choose if you want it every month for a year, six months or a quarter. There is also an option to have it every other month for a year or even just once a quarter.

Can I choose the delivery day?
You can choose the month of your first delivery. Thereafter, depending on the delivery location the cheese will arrive on the first Thursday or Friday of the subsequent months. 

Can we swap a cheese in the selection?
Our cheese of the month club is intended for the truly adventurous cheese lovers who are willing to give everything a try. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate substitutions. 

What about if there is no-one in for the delivery?
We send all of our Cheese of the Month deliveries out on a pre-12 special delivery service. We can set up an email delivery notification to the receivers email and they can choose a safe place to leave the order if they are not in. 

What about holidays? Can we skip an order?
If you need to postpone a delivery then just give us a call at least 48 hours the day before dispatch and they will amend the orders to skip that month. 

I’m giving a subscription as a gift, can I have something to hand over to the receiver?
When you order this as a gift we also send you a gift email that you can print or forward to your recipient with all the relevant information on it. Just make sure you select the ‘gift’ option on the checkout to let us know.


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