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Cheese of the Month Subscription

Our Cheese Subscription is a great way to explore the world of British farmhouse cheese, and a perfect gift for adventurous cheese lovers. It is ideal for people who enjoy entertaining or those who like having a few hearty pieces of cheese to hand for both cheeseboards and cooking. Each delivery will include four different cheeses weighing at least 1.1kg in total. 

If it's a gift we'll be in touch to confirm the recipient's contact details for delivery notifications and we’ll email you a gift certificate to forward to them.

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"I think cheese is the perfect present.  There are few people who don’t love it, it lasts well and good cheese is a real treat.  It is the ultimate spoiling."

Thomasina Miers


Minimum weight: 1.135 kg


The Cheeses included in the selection for October delivery are:


Close up of a cross-section of Doddington raw cow’s milk cheese showing the firm, cream-coloured, smooth paste



A cheese with bright and grassy flavours through to savoury, brothy, and almost Parmesan-like, depending on the batch. It has a firm and smooth texture, similar to that of Cheddar.

Made with raw cow's milk and animal rennet. 




A small, soft and oozing cheese with a quiet floral earthiness. It is superbly rich and gentle on the palate. Its spruce band imparts a distinctive piney note.

Made with pasteurised cow's milk and vegetarian coagulant.



Close up of a cut quarter clothbound Corra Linn sheep’s milk cheese with creamy, succulent paste


Corra Linn

Flavours are lightly floral and brothy, with savoury notes of roast lamb. Corra Linn has feathery, slightly grainy textured paste. When chewed the texture is creamy and succulent.

Made with raw sheep's milk and animal rennet. 




Ashcombe is a new pasteurised cheese made to a Morbier recipe. Once the milk has been heated and starter culture and traditional rennet have been added, the curds are cut and then washed. This washing of the curds aids in developing the soft, pliant texture that David is looking for. Cheeses are then cut in half and a layer of ash is added before a light pressing. The cheeses are washed at various intervals until a healthy, pinkish orange rind develops.

Made with pasteurised cow's milk and animal rennet.


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