Beenleigh Blue

Flavours expressed can range seasonally from lightly floral and yoghurty to robust and sweet. It has a delicate amount of blueing throughout. The texture of Beenleigh Blue is moist but crumbly.

Made with pasteurised sheep's milk and vegetarian coagulant.


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Beenleigh Blue is one of three cheeses made by Ben Harris and his team. Ticklemore Dairy was set up over thirty years ago by Robin Congdon to make blue cheeses using similar techniques to Roquefort.  



Totnes, Devon

Our work with this cheese

We visit Ticklemore Dairy in Devon twice a year to taste and select batches with cheesemaker Ben Harris. He also visits us with cheese twice a year. Whilst Beenleigh shares some characteristics of a Roquefort it has its own distinct flavour. Beenleigh Blue arrives with us almost ready-to-go every two weeks, and some of the younger cheeses stay on with us for over 10 weeks to become Brunswick Blue.


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