Cheesemongers' Choice Selection

Cheesemongers' Choice Selection

It is safe to assume that working at Neal's Yard Dairy means you are going to enjoy a cheeseboard or two, and an important part of our day is tasting cheese.

This selection is made up of the cheeses our team has been enjoying recently, the standouts from an already delicious bunch. This selection has been picked by our production cheesemongers who cut, wrap and pack all the cheese at Neal's Yard Dairy, we hope you enjoy them too. 

Rab's Choice:

I’ve picked Cornish Yarg, with its citrusy fresh yoghurt notes. This is the perfect cheese for summer evenings spent in the garden. The cheese is wrapped in edible nettles, which provide an earthiness that complements the tang of the cheese. I would recommend eating Cornish Yarg with dark rye crackers and a subtle sweet chili jam, accompanied with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc or a cold bottle of pale ale. If you have any left over, Yarg would be a great addition to top a lamb or pork burger!

Emma's choice:

I have always been a big fan of Cheddar cheeses, so I've chosen Westcombe Cheddar. It's a versatile, all-round cheese which everyone can enjoy and will always get eaten. Westcombe has a great flavour profile. It's consistent with its rich, buttery, warm flavours and a batch that was really nutty and interesting, has stayed in my memory. It's always a cheese that if I see at work being sampled I'm the first one munching on it! I also love the Westcombe Dairy family in everything else they do. They also make Duckett's Caerphilly and have recently started making charcuterie, which I find exciting. Now I think it's that time of year where the days are becoming like summer, and so I love making a homemade quich., I would highly recommend something like Westcombe cheddar cheese with leeks as a filling. It's super easy to make and will always be a winner for a lighter style of meal.

Steve's choice:

Brunswick Blue is one of my perennial favourites, one I will always pick up if taking some treats to a friend’s house.  Unlike many of our blues, it’s a sheep cheese which helps it stand out among some of our more recognised and established varieties. A great gateway blue cheese for those who are a little wary of the complex tastes some can have, it has a rich, mushroom-y, salty flavour balanced with a smooth, creamy finish.  Its slightly fungal flavours make it exceptional melted on a portobello mushroom for an alternative summer burger or blended into a mushroom pâté for an unexpected umami kick!

Oli's choice:                

I've selected St Tola.  Since visiting some of our Irish cheesemakers a couple of years ago I've had a soft spot for this Raw Milk Goat's cheese. With the arrival of fresh spring grass St Tola is always a favourite at this time of year - the delicate mousse texture and gentle citrus flavours make it perfect for a spring cheeseboard and warmer weather. Siobhan and the team at St Tola have visited us a couple of times since and their warmth and hospitality always shine through. I like it best simply on a brown bread cracker where the texture can stand out, perhaps served with some fruit and honey. It also works well with a spring green salad or even as a last minute flourish on a pasta sauce            

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