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The Neal’s Yard Dairy Subscription showcases three different cheeses each month, connected in some way by a location, season, recipe or occasion. As we reach November, the end of the year is almost in sight. The clocks have changed and as dark nights take over, it's time for bonfires, fireworks and sparklers. Wrap up warm and chance a late autumn picnic, or invite everyone round yours, and enjoy this month’s selection, in all its comforting glory. Gorwydd Caerphilly tastes great in an apple pie with the last of the apple season, but even better in hunks on its own. St Cera is a favourite at Neal’s Yard Dairy, spooned over toasted bread with a little bit of chutney. Sparkenhoe Red Leicester works well added to a fondue for a rich unctuous dip. And last but not least, by savouring this cheeseboard, you are helping to support the makers of British and Irish cheese, preserving time-honoured cheesemaking traditions and fostering exciting new ones too. We hope you enjoy them.

Gorwydd Caerphilly

A densely crumbly centre with fresh, lemony flavours that gives way to a creamy, more mushroomy layer beneath the edible rind. 

St Cera

A small but intense washed-rind cow’s milk cheese. Expect pungent, farmyardy flavours and a melting centre that may require a spoon.

Please note: our St Cera can be ooz...

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A small but intense washed-rind cow’s milk cheese. Expect pungent, farmyardy flavours and a melting centre that may require a spoon.

Please note: our St Cera can be oozy and unctuous. As such they may leak slightly whilst on route to you. In general, this is not cause for concern, but do contact us if you have any questions.

Minimum: 80g.

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Sparkenhoe Red Leicester

Complex and balanced, nutty and mellow, this farmhouse re...

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Complex and balanced, nutty and mellow, this farmhouse revival of a classic British cheese is full flavoured without any aggressive acidity. It has a texture that is at once chewy and moist. 

Clothbound with lard.

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An Introduction to this Selection

Cheesemonger Caitrin introduces each cheese in this month's selection, explaining the style and how they differ in terms of milk, make and flavour.

Information & Inspiration

Recipes, films and blogs that feature the cheeses in this month's selection

The Search for Milk: Part 2, producers situated on site

How can we inspire the next generation of cheesemakers? In this series we share the stories of some cheesemakers we work with who havent inherited the cheesemaking tradition or a family farm. We look at their various routes to securing the best foundation for any cheese business, excellent milk. Part two features Joe Schneider and the Trethowan brothers, focusing on producers who have built their cheesemaking rooms on the farms that they buy milk from. Read Blog

Why do we wash cheese?

Visitors to our shops are awed by the veritable mountain range of different cheeses on our counters. Amongst them there is always a cluster of orangey-pink rinded cheeses, a category known as the “washed rinds”. But why do some cheeses get washed, and how does this process affect the finished cheese? Read Blog

Amy’s Sparkenhoe Red Leicester Scones

It’s hard to beat a cheese scone, and this recipe from expert cheesemonger Amy comes up trumps every time.  Read Blog

About the Subscription Hub

The cheese we work with is strongly founded in a sense of community, from cheesemakers sharing recipes and tips, to the shared efforts of maturation between cheesemaker and affineur, to the departments within Neal's Yard Dairy tasting and talking about cheese together on a daily basis. The NYD subscription hub aims to bring this sense of community to our loyal subscription customers - a place to discover, discuss and delight in the cheeses you receive each month.

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