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The Neal’s Yard Dairy Subscription showcases three different cheeses each month, connected in some way by a location, season, recipe or occasion. As we reach June, halfway through the year, we are looking forward to sunshine and long, lasting evenings. With the days stretching until we reach Midsummer’s day, it is the perfect month to celebrate, with what feels like all the time in the world. For June we have selected the perfect trio for a delightfully summery cheeseboard, with bright citrusy flavours, and rich creamy textures. With an abundance of fruit and vegetables coming into season, we are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to accompaniments. Why not enjoy the bright and acidic Dorstone with some sweet juicy plums, perhaps in a leafy salad. Duckett’s Caerphilly is the perfect cheese to accompany a summer’s walk, slice onto crusty bread with some juicy tomatoes for a quick and tasty lunch. The creamy Devon Blue makes for a delicious dessert, enjoy it with tart cherries, in their short seasonal window. Do visit our website for recipe ideas and further information. By savouring this cheeseboard, you are helping to support the makers of British and Irish cheese, preserving time-honoured cheesemaking traditions and fostering exciting new ones, too. We hope you enjoy them.

Duckett's Caerphilly

A thin, earthy rind with notes of raw mushroom give way to a creamy then crumbly curd, with a clean, fresh flavour and a pleasantly mineral tang.

*Please note t...

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A thin, earthy rind with notes of raw mushroom give way to a creamy then crumbly curd, with a clean, fresh flavour and a pleasantly mineral tang.

*Please note that we sell both a pasteurised and a raw milk version of this cheese. The cheese you receive will be labelled with the appropriate milk treatment.

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This turret-shaped goat’s cheese combines a light, fluffy texture with bright, citrusy flavours and a gentle acidity.

Minimum: 180g.

Devon Blue

A sweet and often punchy blue cheese from Devon, with a soy-sauce-like depth and a pleasingly dense, fudgy texture.

An Introduction to this Selection

Cheesemonger Caitrin introduces each cheese in this month's selection, explaining the style and how they differ in terms of milk, make and flavour.

Information & Inspiration

Recipes, films and blogs that feature the cheeses in this month's selection

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The cheese we work with is strongly founded in a sense of community, from cheesemakers sharing recipes and tips, to the shared efforts of maturation between cheesemaker and affineur, to the departments within Neal's Yard Dairy tasting and talking about cheese together on a daily basis. The NYD subscription hub aims to bring this sense of community to our loyal subscription customers - a place to discover, discuss and delight in the cheeses you receive each month.

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