Orders may arrive +/- 2 days of your preferred delivery date.
Orders may arrive +/- 2 days of your preferred delivery date.

This Month's Cheeses

The Neal's Yard Dairy Subscription showcases three different cheeses each month, with each month's selection linked by a location, season or occasion. The May selection celebrates the diversity of cheese and the fact that the British and Irish landscape can produce such dramatically different styles and flavours. Your box contains a sheep's, goat's and cow's milk cheese - but each also represents a very different cheesemaking technique, from washed rind to hand-ladled to hard-pressed. Each of these delicious cheeses are just as at home in a recipe as on a cheeseboard. Your ongoing support of British cheese plays a vital role in helping to support family cheesemaking businesses and preserving time-honoured cheesemaking traditions.

An Introduction to the May Selection

Cheesemonger Caitrin introduces each cheese in this month's selection, explaining the style and how they differ in terms of milk, make and flavour.

Information & Inspiration

Recipes, films and blogs that feature the cheeses in this month's selection

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About the Subscription Hub

The cheese we work with is strongly founded in a sense of community, from cheesemakers sharing recipes and tips, to the shared efforts of maturation between cheesemaker and affineur, to the departments within Neal's Yard Dairy tasting and talking about cheese together on a daily basis. The NYD subscription hub aims to bring this sense of community to our loyal subscription customers - a place to discover, discuss and delight in the cheeses you receive each month.


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